Christmas menu 2019

Here our Christmas menu 2019

Appetizer plate a la Maison“
Roll of tuna tatar with avocado, soup of water spinach with baked scampi in rice flakes and salad of bresse poularde with green mango


„Duette Soup a la Indochine
Chicken consommé with mushroom dumplings (Moc) and water spinach cream soup with poached organic egg and crispy bacon strips.


Vegetarian „pleasure“
Water spinach cream soup with poached organic egg and vegan roll with tofu avocado mango on tamarind sauce.


Trio of Iberico & Us-Flanksteak & female duck breast
Iberico pork fillet with veal brie/ flank steak skewer with aubergine/ glazed female duck breast, served with almond broccoli and curry rice Timbale


Fish platter „fine de cuisine“
Lotte medallion with apple beignet-shallotsctote & caramelized salmon medallion with pakchoi, served with mousseline of pumpkin-sweet potatoes on two-to-two sauces


Assiette vegetarians „du Chef“ Steamed dough bags/ stuffed tofu with mushrooms/ toured colorful winter vegetables and mousseline of pumpkin sweet potatoes on fine butter sauce


„Christmas Dream“
Glacierte red wine pears with walnut parfait and mousse of Matcha tea with mango ragout

You can choose your menu

Menu 1: 3rd courses (starter no.1 or starter No.2/ main course /dessert) 49,90€
Menu 2: 4th courses (starter plate 1-soup 2/main course /dessert) 59,90€
Vegetarian menu 3: 3rd course (starter no.3 main course No. 6 -Dessert) 42,90,€

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