More and more people are affected by allergies. About 5% of the population suffers from food allergy, among the most common food allergies are: eggs, fish, crustaceans, milk, celery, sesame seeds, sulfur dioxide/sulphites, peanuts, gluten-containing cereals, lupine, nuts, mustard, soybeans and molluscs. If you have various food allergies, please inform our staff. This allows us to create an individual allergen-free dish for you. Then nothing stands in your way for a nice evening.


Täglich von Montag bis Freitag, ab 12:00 Uhr bis 14:30 Uhr


Sie können unter folgender Speisekarte als Einzelgericht oder Business Lunch bestellen.                  

Business Lunch 2. Gänge:32,50 € oder  3.Gänge: 38,90 €


Kalt – warmen Vorspeisen

11 IndoChine Rolle (Kalt)

drei verschiedene Rollen: Rind, Thunfisch und Lachs, serviert mit zwei hausgemachten Soßen (Süßsauer/Nussig)


12 Salade ,,du Chef ”

aus frischer grüner Papaya, Karotten, Sojasprossen, Krabben, Pulpo und Indo-Kräutern in hausgemachter Süßsauersoße


18 Kleine Phở   bò Sàigòn “Pot au feu nach Sàigòn Art”

Reisbandnudeln mit hauch dünnen Scheiben vom Charolais Rind und Sojakeimen mit heißer Brühe übergossen und dazu frischen IndoChine Kräutern



 33 Graved Lach & Scampi in Tontopf a la Indochine

Würfeln von Graved Lach & Scampi in Tontopf mit Gemüse in Tamarinde Sauce, serviert mit Duft Reis


34 Weiblichen Barbarie Entenbrust mit rotem Curry (sehr Scharf)

Weiblichen Barbarie Entenbrust auf Wok Gemüse mit rotem Kokosmilchcurry Sauce, serviert mit Duft Reis, Röstzwiebeln und gerösteten Erdnüssen


36 Mais Poulardenbrust „Marengo“

Mais Poularden Brust in Butter gebraten, serviert mit Marengo Sauce und Kürbisragout dazu Reiskroketten



42. Ingwer -Parfait „Indo-style“

auf Mango Salat und fruchtculi von Himbeeren


46. Warmer Zimtpflaumen

In Portwein-Buttersauce, serviert mit Vanilleeis


Menü de Lux - Golfe du Tonkin et Cochinchine mit Weinbegleitung

Amuse bouche

A greeting from the kitchen

1.Bánh Bèo kiểu Nam bộ
thin sticky porridge thalers in the cochinchine style


2. “Bún Cá -Tonkin” rice noodle soup

by North Vietnamese style


3. Scallops” kiểu Đông dương Quán”
according to the style of the house with oyster sauce


4 . Bánh Ngọt “du Chef”
braised veal bries/ packchoi/ sweet carts


5 . Bò Mỹ rim quả sấu
diced US beef with galanga root and tropical fruit in clay pot


6. Đĩa Tráng miệng / assiette à dessert
Let yourself be surprised


7. Trà xanh “Thai Nguyen”
green tea served with sticky porridge flan

Menu Complete pers. 110,00€

3/4 menu (1,3,4,5,6) per pers. 90,00€

1/2 menu (2,4,5,6) per pers. 70,00€

10 Bánh Bèo kiểu Nam bộ
thin sticky porridge taler cochine style with mung beans, ruốc tôm, sweet and sour salad of carrot & kohlrabi


11 IndoChine Roll (Cold)

three different rolls: beef, tuna and salmon, served with two homemade sauces (sweet sour/nutty)


12 Salade ,’you boss”

from fresh green papaya, carrots, bean sprouts, crabs, pulpo and Indo herbs in homemade sweet sourso


13 IndoChine hors- d ́oeuvre for 2 persons

Salad of green papaya with pulpo, marinated salmon with ginger/sesame, tuna with white powder from glue rice, baked shrimp in tempura and frog leg skewer in willd betelblatt


 14 Cochichine Spring Rolls,,Nem Saigòn”(Warm)

served in crispy rice paper with homemade Indo fish sauce, with leaf salad and mint (warm)


15.”Bún Cá Tonkin” rice noodle soup

In the North Vietnamese style, spicy sweet-sour fish soup with lotte slices, shrimp, vegetables and herbs


16 IndoChine-style frog legs

fried frog legs rolled in wild betel leaf, soup of frog legs with Pinot Blanc and frog legs in homemade chili shrimp


17 “Bánh Ngọt du Chef”
braised veal bries with ginger, star anise / pak choi / mousseline of sweet potato and spring onion oil                                                  


Small Phở bò Sàigòn “Pot au feu in Sàigòn style”
Rice ribbon noodles with thin slices of Charolais beef and soy seeds doused with hot broth and fresh IndoChine herbs

Small Bún Bò Huế “Specialty from the Imperial City of Huế” (spicy)
Thin rice noodles doused with pork, beef, lemongrass and soy seeds with hot broth, served with spicy homemade Indochine chili shripe paste and fresh IndoChine herbs

A classic rice noodle soup dish (Indochine Pot au feu / “Ph” ) with the greatest colonialist influences and a secret southeast aroma. We only serve them here as a small dish for starters, but if you would like a large portion, please contact our service staff.

marinated salmon and sesame

Tuna in white powder of klebsreis

Vegans with tofu/avocado/mango

Pork and crabs

marinated beef strips and sesame seeds

Tofu and omelette strips

all IndoChine rolls contain rice noodles, lettuce, leeks, mint and coriander along with two IndoChine sauces (sweet sour/nutty)

Tagliatelle “fine de la mer”
thin ribbon noodles with scallops, noble fish, shrimp and vegetables brûnoise in fine saffron sauce and sliced hard cheese

Phở Chay xào “Vegetarians”
Fried rice ribbon noodles with tofu and wok vegetables in light spicy soy sauce and sesame oil with peanuts and roasted onions

22 “Noble fish pan à la Indochine” (Very spicy)

Strips of noble fish, scampi and scallops with wok vegetables, curry, lemongrass and lime leaves on coconut milk sauce, served with scented rice


23 “C ơm Cháy according to IndoChine style”

Sea bass fillet on the skin crispy fried, served with apples, onions, lemon caper butter, shrimp skewers and scallop with leek onion aroma, served with fries mousseline of sweet potatoes and crispy sticky taler


24 Cá kho tộ cochichine style

Caramelized Lotte medallions & giant prawns in clay pot with caramelized pepper sauce, served with root vegetables/pickled cucumbers with sesame/reistimbale


  • Due to the freshness of the fish, we reserve the right to change daily*


25 Cochichine Ức Gà ngô với Tôm sú và Cà ri (Sharp)

Strips of marinated corn poulard breast and king prawns with wok vegetables in spicy curry, lime leaves, peanuts and coconut milk sauce, served with fragrant rice & roasted onions


26 Ức Vịt nấu sốt me kiểu Pháp (Spicy)

Female barbary duck breast on wok vegetables with tamarind sauce, served with scented rice, roasted onions and roasted peanuts


27 Thịt bò thăn chuột kiểu Đông Dương quán

Médaillon from Angus beef with baked veal bris in rice flakes, onion fig confit on port wine sauce, beef skewer of flank steak, served with grilled eggplant and toured garden vegetables and fries mousseline


28 Bò Mỹ nấu kiểu Indochine
Diced & marinated US beef with tropical fruit (dracontomelon) and galanth root in clay pot, served with root vegetables, boiled rice and sesame cucumbers


Exquisite menu for two/Délicieux dîner pour deux

the menu will be a bottle of 0.75l Pinot Blanc (dry)

or Côtes du Rhön or the Rose’ of Cantzheim.

       IndoChine appetizer plate

    for 2 persons


   Fish cream soup à la maison

with rouille and brotcrôutons



with Gewürztraminer


Veal brisus à la Indochine

Baked in rice flakes, with Madeira sauce, served with apples, fries mousseline of sweet potatoes and lemon-caper butter


Glacierte female Barbarie duck breast & pike of flankstek

   With vegetable rice on two sauces


   Dessert plate by type of house

 let yourself be surprised


 if you would like to exchange wine, please ask our

Service force to find a suitable wine for their taste at the same price or extra charge possible.


41   Three kinds of crème brûlée

caramelized with ragout of raspberry, pear and mang with brown sugar


42 ginger parfait “Indo-style”

on mango salad and fruitculi of raspberries


43 Kem Cốm à la Indochine

Ice cream with caramelized green glutinous flakes on marinated pineapple and lemon sorbet


44 dessert plates by type of house

let them surprise you

25,90€ for 2 pers.


In addition to a wide selection of soft and alcoholic beverages, we also offer fine wines from Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Ask in the restaurant for our current drinks and wine list.

Best wines from the region

We recommend the wines from the region below,

as these fit perfectly with our kitchen.









French and Italian wines

From the

Alsace, Loire, Côtes du Rhône, Beaujolais, Piedmont, Tuscany, Apulia, Veneto, Lombardy

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