"A life without festivals is like a long way without contemplation. (Democritus)"

Whether individual menus, high-quality buffets or finger food INDOCHINE Catering offers you the all-round service for your event. Are you planning a birthday party, wedding, company anniversary or conference? – together we will find the tailor-made solution for you.

… we are at your side with professional advice.

Contemporary, creative, individual!

Details 1.



Klausenerstrasse 23 66115 Saarbrücken

2. Opening hours

Weekdays | 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

ALWAYS by appointment!


You can also reach us by e-mail or telephone

3. We offer personal advice

By prior arrangement by e-mail or telephone, in which you provide us with the first information, we can advise you in the personal conversation Ideal.

4. Our non-binding offer :

After you have answered our questions, you will receive our non-binding offer at short notice.

Due to limited appointment capacities, we reserve the appointment for you until an option date

5. Order

  • We accept your order at the latest 10 days in advance – also earlier in order to be able to promise you your desired date. Please note that our delivery capacities are limited as all dishes are prepared exclusively fresh to order. Short-term orders are possible subject to availability.
  • We ask for your understanding that the minimum order value on Sundays and public holidays is 350.00 euros, on public holidays we reserve the right to charge a service surcharge of 35.00 euros.
  • Changes to the order regarding food, quantities or time can be taken into account up to 10 days before the delivery date.
  • If you like our offer and you instruct us by e-mail, you will receive your order confirmation by e-mail.

6. Delivery/pick-up, that's how much time you have to plan

  • Delivery will be made to the specified delivery address on the agreed delivery date.
  • Possible time differences at peak times of up to 45 minutes do not entitle to a reduction in invoice or refusal of acceptance. We do not accept any compensation for delays or damages due to force majeure.
  • The delivery costs depend on the effort and distance kilometers.

We depend on the meal time you specify.

  • Trust our proven system for delivery/collection. We or you do not transport warm food. Through the procedure, with a later lighting of the fuel pastes to bring the hot dishes to eating temperature, we have the best experience, gentle and quality-oriented.
  • An early delivery or pick-up, if you want to eat warm later, is not a problem. We have been implementing this for many years so that the food is not kept warm for an unnecessarily long time and loses quality.
  • Either the driver lights the fuel paste under the Rechaud or discusses with you when it is best to light it. Of course, this will also be discussed with you when picking up a menu or buffet.
  • The best result is achieved by lighting only one fuel paste over a longer period of time. Please expect a heating time of at least one hour for a small number of people and between 1.5 and 2 hours for more than 20 people.

7. Lierferbereich

Saarland | near Rhineland-Palatinate | near France | by arrangement

8. Collection or return of items

The equipment provided by us (pots, plates, bowls, baskets, etc.) is to be returned without food leftovers and roughly cleaned by the customer – unless otherwise agreed – up to 3 working days after delivery date. If you would like to have the items picked up for a fee, please make an appointment one week in advance. The calculation of the collection depends on effort and distance kilometers.

– Bring back yourself:

Is usually weekday Wednesday to Monday

from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

without prior notice.

– Please return your empties within 3 working days:

Restaurant IndochineKlausenerstrasse 2366115 Saarbrücken 9.


is taken over by us, only food leftovers we do not take back.

10. pro rata trip, driver & logistics costs:

  • We deliver your order and set it up on the tables you have prepared. We need a parking space for the delivery vehicle.

Delivery € 1,60/km

Collection of empties € 1.60/km Minimum package € 25.00 each

11. Allergy

More and more people are affected by allergies. About 5% of the population suffers from food allergy, among the most common food allergies are: eggs, fish, crustaceans, milk, celery, sesame seeds, sulfur dioxide/sulphites, peanuts, gluten-containing cereals, lupine, nuts, mustard, soybeans and molluscs. If you have various food allergies, please let us know. This allows us to create an individual allergen-free dish for you. Then nothing stands in the way of a nice party.

12. Bookable extra accessories Rental crockery | Cutlery | Glasses

Package for crockery, cutlery and glasses

matching your food arrangement at the friendship price.

Please, ask for it.

  • Dining plate 30 cm | € 0,90 per piece
  • Dessert plate 29 cm | € 0,70 per piece
  • Dessert bowl | € 0,50 per piece
  • Soup cup | € 0,70 per piece
  • Knife, fork, spoon | € 0,80 per piece
  • Dessert spoon, cake fork | € 0,40 per piece
  • Coffee cup with saucer | € 0,70 per cover
  • Glasses of all kinds, polished | € 0,70 per piece

Our rental crockery, cutlery and glass prices are inclusive of VAT & dishwashing service. Unfortunately, we have to invoice accessories that have not been returned.

Loss prices

  • Party records per piece | € 20.00
  • Salad bowls per piece | € 10.00
  • Rechaud per piece | € 45.00
  • Dining plate 30 cm | € 8.50
  • Dessert plate 29 cm | € 5.80
  • Dessert bowl | € 2.00
  • Soup cup | € 3.50
  • Knife, fork, spoon | € 3.80
  • Dessert spoon, cake fork | € 1.80
  • Coffee cup with saucer | € 3.50
  • Glasses of all kinds, polished | € 2.80 

Service and other accessories

  • Head waiter 48, € per hour
  • Service staff 30, € per hour

Booking per service employee at least 4 hours (including arrival and departure) flat rate 1 hour.

We offer service staff only in combination with our buffets, menus and finger food.

  • 5kg ice cubes, 5kg crushed ice
  • Tablecloth 9,50 €, Table runs 6,50 €, Mouth-served 4,50 €

Unfortunately, we do not supply tables for the buffets and menus.

All prices are indicated as final prices including VAT.


1. Delivery, return and collection

  • Delivery shall be made to the specified delivery address on the agreed delivery date to the best of our knowledge and belief.
  • Possible time differences at peak times of up to 45 minutes do not entitle to a reduction in invoice or refusal of acceptance. We do not accept any compensation for delays or damages due to force majeure.
  • The delivery costs depend on the effort and distance kilometers
  • An exact delivery address must be provided to us in good time before the event (with indication of localities, districts, parking facilities, access, floor, lift).
  • Unhindered delivery of the buffet and collection of empties must be ensured by the customer, this also includes the journey and the parking space for the delivery vehicle.
  • Incorrect positions or defects in the delivery must be reported directly to the supplier so that we have the opportunity for immediate rectification. Later complaints can no longer be accepted.
  • Accessories must be returned by you within 3 working days.
  • Accessory pick-ups by the party service are to be booked when ordering.

2. Payment & Invoice

You will receive your invoice before delivery, after the day for last modification options (date see order documents). We kindly ask you to transfer the full invoice amount before delivery. No cash payments are possible at the party service. We kindly ask you to refrain from cash payments upon delivery.

Special payment agreements (business customers) can be made in writing before delivery, these may not exceed 2 weeks after delivery according to our promise.

Please be sure to specify the event date, customer name and invoice number for bank transfers.

3. Food Disclaimer

We guarantee the quality of the processed food for the agreed delivery time. We assume no quality guarantee and no liability for consumption at a later date than the time agreed in the order.

We assure you that we have selected our suppliers very carefully, we do not accept any responsibility for production defects of which we had no knowledge.

4. Crockery & Empties

Crockery and cutlery service can be ordered additionally.

The loan of Rechaud is free of charge. The fuel paste is also included. You will receive sufficient fuel pastes.

The accessories/dishes must be accepted by you upon delivery/collection and the receipt must be confirmed by your signature. Missing plates, crockery parts, glasses, bowls and other parts will be charged to you.

5. Order confirmation

Upon receipt of your order, we reserve the date with which you have instructed us by e-mail.

The correctness of the delivery address as well as the scope of delivery must be checked and are your responsibility.

Changes to your order are possible until the day of the last changes (about 10 days before the festival). The date of the last changes can be found on your order.

6. Resignation

The cancellation of an order must be in writing, by e-mail

Booking and handling fee

You agree to make a payment of € 45, – € from the time of your order confirmation, should you cancel, regardless of the reason. It is a booking and processing fee, which is due upon receipt of the order confirmation and will be charged to you in case of cancellation.

The booking and processing fee as a deposit invoiced in advance and deducted from the final invoice, we save ourselves and you this additional effort now and only charge the fee in the case of a cancellation by invoice, if you cancel from the time of your order up to 20 DAYS BEFORE the date for last agreements. After that, the following cancellation fees apply.

Please note the following deadlines for cancellation if you cancel less than 30 days before the date for last consultations:

  • On the day of delivery, 100% of the order value
  • 80% of the order value on the day before delivery
  • Two days before delivery date 70% of the order value
  • 3-5 days before delivery date 60% of the order value
  • 6-8 days before delivery date 30% of the order value
  • 9-10 days before delivery date 20% of the order value

should a delivery not be realized due to force majeure and officially ordered requirements due to epidemics, the legal regulations apply to such cases.