Candle light dinner for two

From 6 p.m. on Friday, February 14th, 2020

“Love started”

Tuna tartare a la Indochine with avocado, mango and sesame

“Strength for love”

Double broth from free range poulards with shiitake mushrooms

 Beloved “Julia”

Saltimbocca from Lotte /Stuffed zucchini flower with scallop and black tiger, served with ragout from Hokkaido

 “Warm up love”

Iced passion fruit with grand style

Beloved “Romeo”

Veal medallion Brittany / Baked veal brie with fig and shallot jam, served with sweet mashed potatoes and cabbage vegetables / creamy Calvados sauce

 Dessert plate “Saint Valentine”

Apple rosette / mousse from Matchatee / Parfait from young sticky rice

For 2nd pers. 125, – €